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About Us You shouldn't worry about being cool or edgy with our products


Leather has always been a symbol of style and aristocracy and this is what beautifies a person. If you are a person who would love stylish leather products, then we are here to serve you at Leatherkart. We ensure you that your shopping experience would be one that you would always like to remember. If you have an obsession for different kinds of bags in different styles, designs and colors, this is the right place to be in. We are a one stop shop that comprises of different kinds of leather bags in different colors, sizes and designs at an unimaginable price.

A wide range of accessories

Choose from a wide range of different kinds of bags including ladies bags and purses, tote bags, different vintage bags, purses of men, and bags for children. We ensure that each and every product has a guarantee of satisfaction as well as quality. You can find a wide assortment of bags in various colors, sizes and designs you can also choose from various sizes and brands.

Our customer service

We focus on 100% customer satisfaction at all our outlets. We are your friendly guides who will accompany you through your buy and will also suggest which bag would be good for you and suits your taste. We also believe that it is important to sell the right kind of products at the right price. We also ensure that you would love shopping at Lederkart and you would definitely come back for more. Our leather bags have been inspired from the past and have a number of designs that you can choose from. We also have our signature collection, which we can offer you at a very affordable price.

We are a well know company who has been trying to serve the best to their customers.